About Fram

Fram was established in 2005 with a vision of being a significant, reliable and sustainable supplier of wood pellets to the growing European industrial market.  As one of the first large scale producers in the U.S. Southeast, we have a multitude of experience in raw material sourcing, pellet production, quality control and logistics.  As wood pellet demand in Europe continues to rise, we recognize and value building mutually beneficial relationships with companies that share our vision of growth.

 With each passing year, Fram focuses on more consistent, efficient and superior production of industrial grade wood pellets.  Since before the completion of our first wood pellet mill (Appling County Pellets, LLC)  Fram has worked to improve our pellet production process through research, trial and error, and collaboration with industry experts.  With demand forecasted at more than 40 million tons by 2020,  Fram is positioned to grow exponentially through dependable relationships with our industrial wood pellet customers.  

In recent years, Fram has recognized the growing EU residential market as a great opportunity for diversification within our company portfolio.  The great advantages of using wood pellets for home heating are being recognized across the globe.  Fram currently produces approximately 120,000 metric tons of  EN Plus A1 wood pellets, with plans to grow as the market allows.


a chart of Fram's growth